CFD and Forex Broker Review: YouOption – The British Premium Broker In The Test.

YouOption Review

Especially in times of low interest rates, when interest rates are low, the broker YouOption plays an important role. Since 2009 investors and traders have had the opportunity to pursue their CFD trading and forex trading strategy, thereby generating a financial advantage.

One of the key advantages of the broker are the low fees that apply to each trade. In addition to the general qualities of the provider, we also want to take a close look at the respectability and safety.


Regulation also plays a major role in YouOption. This, in turn, is responsible for the location, which is the biggest factor at this point. This is located in Cyprus, with the result that the local authority CySec is responsible. This is known for its close look at the balance sheets of a company.

In Cyprus, too, the law applicable in the EU applies, which also gives investors the opportunity to use their offer on a secure and serious basis. The regulation generally holds the possibility of relying on a deposit guarantee, which can be seen as another advantage of the offer.


A major advantage of YouOption are the conditions that are offered to the customers. On the one hand, attempts have been made to reduce costs to a minimum, thereby making a profit from trading as easy as possible. The profit margin of the broker is therefore set much lower than is the case with many competitors.

For successful trades, the borders are largely open. Up to 85 percent increase in value is possible on this basis and accordingly provides financial opportunities. It is these fair and cheap conditions that characterize the offer of the broker. As the YouOption experience shows, this can be a key advantage for the individual investor, ensuring the perfect trade.


In order to be able to implement the desired investment strategy, the appropriate products must first be available for trading. The people at YouOption went to great lengths to fulfill this requirement on the customer side. A real classic in the portfolio is the different stocks.

These come primarily from large international companies, which have been able to gain a very good reputation in their industry over the years. Furthermore, it is possible to invest in the area of commodities, which in most cases are characterized by lower fluctuations. This offers investors the opportunity to reduce the risk of their own investments and to create new opportunities for them.

All in all, the so wide-ranging trade offer at YouOption is one of the big advantages. Customers benefit from being able to implement strategies to varying degrees. Diversification, which is particularly important for newcomers, is not a problem in this context.

Opening an account

The opening of a depot was greatly simplified to the delight of the customers. First, you register with YouOption, which is already the foundation for the first trade. The post-identification procedure then offers the possibility of verifying one’s own information and thereby bringing desired security into the process.

Afterwards, the depot is already fully available for the customer. All in all, this entire process has been refined over the past few years, in order to offer customers even faster processing on this basis. The opening of the depot is finally also a way to bind the customers as quickly as possible to the broker.

Important information on the first steps with the new depot will be sent to the postbox after the YouOption experience. So even on the purely digital way, it is always possible to keep track of your own trades and to derive the desired benefits from them.

Demo Account

Anyone who decides as a new customer to enter the trade with YouOption, can first fall back on a so-called demo account. It is not directly real money invested in the trade . Rather, the site is a simulation of the real situation, which is suitable for gathering the first experiences.

The first errors of the system, which can arise, for example, due to lack of experience, can be avoided thereby. Anyone who has done a few moves with the demo account can still decide to join the trade in real money and to push luck.

The fact that a demo account is offered to customers is no longer a matter, of course, these days. For this reason, the broker YouOption has a significant advantage to many other companies, especially the entry-level in the field of trading should use for themselves.

Details about the broker:

Max. Levereage 1 : 200
Account 250 EUR
Minimum Trade 25 EUR / CHF /GBP /USD
Spreads From 3 pips
Assets Stocks (63), Currency Pairs (41), Commodities (9) and Indices (5)
Bonus variable up to 100%
Regulated by CySEC
Platform Spot Platforms
Mobile Trading Yes
Languages German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Arabic and many more
Support Live chat, e-mail, hotline, callback service


  • Demo account available
  • Great trade offer
  • Fair prices


  • unknown


All in all, YouOption presents itself as a well-structured provider dedicated to the well-being of its customers. They are provided with the best opportunities for attractive returns of up to 85 percent.

Various trading strategies can be implemented through the broad portfolio. For this reason, we can only recommend the available offer and advise opening a depot.



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