3 Ways to Get Free Cryptocurrency in 2019


A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency or asset which is secured via cryptography. Interesting fact about cryptocurrency is that it was invented as a side product.

Satoshi Nakamoto accidentally formed its first form also known as bitcoin, and it continues to be the most significant and most crucial cryptocurrency.

No international bank, government or big company exists that isn’t familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency. After the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies emerged which are referred to as altcoin. Though not as good as bitcoin having certain versatile features of their own.

To name a few Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, etc. are among the most prominent. Most cryptocurrencies, like common currencies, have to be bought, but there are some ways through which you can earn free cryptocurrency.

  1. Using Faucets

If you’re new to cryptocurrency and want to invest or buy the particular currency coins but lack cash, then the best place to get started are faucets.

These are online websites that pay you a tiny fraction for doing specific tasks like downloading apps, playing online video games, solving puzzles, filling captcha, doing surveys and even clicking on ads that appear on the website.

Though the amount you get initially is not much, you get familiar with the environment of cryptocurrency.

For a person to make enough money out of faucets, a significant number of crypto followers are required, and one must be highly active in the cryptocurrency forms. Example of free litecoin faucets includes MoonLitecoin, ClaimLTC, and Lite-coin faucet.com, etc.

  1. Micro-task platform

Another way you can earn cryptocurrency coins fast is through micro-task platforms. These can be websites, companies as well as apps that give you free coins after executing some tasks.

The tasks can be as simple as opening a website or downloading an app. Among the popular websites that provide a micro-task platform are bitcoinget.com, bitcoinreward.net, and bitvisitor.com, etc.

  1. Asking for donations

This is probably the easiest way to earn cryptocurrency coins but not a reliable method. The first requirement for receiving crypto donations is that you should have a wallet for instance in case of bitcoin you need a bitcoin wallet, similarly varying on the currency you need a wallet where you can receive your donations.

The second step requires you to acquire an address to your crypto wallet. This address can be used for receiving donations. You can give the address link anywhere where it is visible to the public, and you’re good to go.

Many YouTubers and websites use bitcoin and other currency donations by having a link below in the name of the specific useful cause. Another way you can receive donations are via air drops.

The concept is similar to a lottery where randomly the prize may go to anyone. In this case, a certain amount of cryptocurrency coins are dropped in wallet randomly and if you’re lucky enough you’ll get one too.


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