Choosing The Right Service For Stock Market

Trade Nero

Choosing the right service to trade in the stock market is as important as deciding which stocks to buy and is perhaps even more important in the long run. An incompetent service could mean you are losing money in several ways, from unfair and hidden fees being deducted on each transaction to the system being unreliable in the data it provides, causing you to invest in the wrong commodity and lose money as a result.

While there are already quite a few trading services out there in the market, these services are far from perfect, and it would seem there is still some room for improvement.

That’s where Trade Nero comes in.

About our service

Trade Nero is a fast, flexible platform for traders who want to be able to get their daily trading done without much of a hassle and make a profit at the end of the day. The platform offers its users to over 5000 CFDs (Contracts for Difference), Equities and Forex in all of the largest international markets in the world, including but not limited to the United States, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

More importantly, however, Trade Nero is a service that believes in working hand in hand with their users to earn a profit instead of cheating them out of their funds and therefore is strictly against the use of artificial market spreads. This means you can trade on Trade Nero with the knowledge that no data presented to you has been falsified in any way.

Our fees

Trade Nero is not only a reliable and flexible service for traders, but it is also one that makes trading easier by charging a low fixed fee per transaction. For every share you buy on Trade Nero, the platform only deducts a reasonable amount of $0.005, so you can rest easy without the worry of variable charges on every transaction.

The platform even gives you the option of placing a minimum order of $1.00, something which many investors will appreciate.

Enter our trading competition

If all of these features weren’t enough to convince you to join Trade Nero, the platform has another surprise for you, this time in the form of a fully funded $250,000 account. That’s right, on the first of every month the folks over at Trade Nero rest all their demo accounts to hold a day trading competition.

The winner of the competition gets that above $250,000 account. What’s more, is that the competition is free to enter for everyone; all you have to do is sign up for Trade Nero’s service by downloading their app or using their browser service.

So, what are you waiting for? Start trading today!


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