Managed Cryptocurrency Investment Platforms


If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, you can go it alone or you could get help from an investment manager. Using a manage cryptocurrency platform, you can save time and money.

An expert professional will help you to manage your money so that you don’t need to do all the work. You can manage your risk more easily when you have an expert on your side. If you’re thinking of using a managed cryptocurrency platform, you need to know why it’s useful to use one and how to find one that can help you.

Benefits of a Managed Investment Platform

You can set out to trade cryptocurrencies on your own. However, using a management investment platform has a variety of benefits. You don’t need to be an expert in investing or cryptocurrencies when you have professional advice and help from someone who knows what they’re doing.

You can select a level of risk that you’re happy with and let your account manager do the hard work for you. You’ll save a lot of time, and your money can be safer too. You can keep your trading to one account for ease and make sure you don’t always need to pay attention to your investments all the time.

What to Look For

You should know what to look for when you’re choosing an investment platform. Firstly, you need to find a trustworthy, reliable and secure platform.

You also need to look at the requirements for becoming an investor, whether there are geographical restraints or you need to prove your identity. You should be able to have control over your investments in various ways, such as choosing the level of risk for your investments.

Best Managed Cryptocurrency Platforms

Bitcoin Growth Bot

Bitcoin Growth Bot uses an algorithm to grow your investments for you. To get started, you purchase the currency Nucleus, then send it to the bot. You then get back Bitcoin along with the bot’s performance. This platform is easy to use, but you don’t get a dedicated portfolio manager like you do with other services.

Buy and Trade Crypto

Buy and Trade Crypto is an exchange that also features a managed investments option. Their expert traders do all the work for you and you get a personal portfolio manager who will be there whenever you need them. The secure system ensures that your investments are kept safe at all times.


Safinus allows you to join cryptocurrency and ICO portfolios which are handled by experienced cryptoinvestors. The setup makes it easier for beginners to get involved in cryptocurrency investments. It helps experienced investors by raising their capital and gives them access to move investment possibilities.


If you want a platform where you can invest in other types of investments, as well as cryptocurrencies, eToro offers that. You can find ETFs and stocks as additional options to investing in cryptocurrencies. It’s also a very social platform, allowing you to connect with other traders. It’s not like a normal managed platform – instead you copy successful traders.


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