Why Choosing a Good Coin Exchange is Important

Coin Exchange

Bitcoin is the digital currency came into reality in 2009 and got attention from many platforms in 2013. With the emerging market of cryptocurrency, the trading of bitcoin has been increased.

Many exchanges are working for this, they sell and buy bitcoin using fiat currency which is issued by the government such as gold or silver or altcoin, which is same digital currency as bitcoin and was launched after bitcoin.

But now there is another type of exchange has been introduced in this field which is TAGZ dual gateway exchange. It provides you the facility to exchange in two different types at the same platform. You can even use both the types at the same time as well.

The future of cryptocurrency has been predicted as forthcoming as institutional money. Possibility of currency being entered to Naqcad, which will add credibility to the bitcoin. Some people think that it needs verified exchange-traded funds, it will make people believe in the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin exchange works like a stock market, where they match buyer and sellers; they use the method of a market order or limit order. After the market order gets selected, the trader is giving authority to the exchange to sell or buy coins at the best price.

And with limit order the trader use exchange to trade the coin below or for that limited price which is asked and above the price which is being bid. This whole procedure depends on whether you are buying or selling the coin.

Types of cryptocurrency exchange:

  1. Trading Platforms: this type of platforms makes the connection between buyers and seller and cut a few amounts from each transaction they make.
  2. Direct Traders: this type of trading deals with person to person trading where people from many other countries buy or sell their coins. They don’t have a fixed price. Every buyer or seller sets their own.
  3. Dual Gateway Exchange: they provide you with two types of exchange at the same platform which is a traditional type of crypto exchange or the derivative future. And TAGZ is the only platform which provides this facility.

TAGZ is an Australia’s completely regulated AML/CTF compliant austral registered dual gateway exchange. It is a Melbourne based company and is accepted by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and is also registered by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). The focus of Tagz Exchange to protect the users from lash crasher, spoofing, fake volume and pump and dumps by using actively monitoring trading activity.

For using their facility you have to get to know about these two types of exchanges which are traditional crypto or derivative futures:

  • Traditional crypto: this type of exchange is what you use in your routine like bitcoin, altcoin, and Litecoin against the Australian dollar or US dollar.
  • Derivative future: it is by trading leverage of up to 200x on the base pair like LTC/TAGZ, XRP/TAGZ, ETH/TAGZ, and BTC/TAGZ.

Even the soft cap of Tagz ICO is $1.1m because the TAGZ works on the procedure of ICO (initial currency offering) in which the cryptocurrency gets sold in the form of tokens. The best thing about using them TAGZ is that it offers you not only the best service but also it has a 75% discount on the token these days. So if you buy there token with a few days, you can easily save a lot of your money.

So even if you invest in Dual gateway exchange, there will be no regrets, because you will be saving money and will save yourself from many frauds because of there high-security level on their website.


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