Blue Trading Reviews

Blue Trading Reviews

Blue Trading is a trading organization established by Richard Anderson and group in 2012. This company was founded for private, organizational investors, opening the principal full-benefit retail accounts in 2016.

The founder was well aware that there were no assets offering a really unique as well as diversified and modernized approach with foreign currency, commodity, and additionally the trading for cryptocurrency including bitcoin. This organization is a properly and fully managed account trading firm.

The company offers an easy and basic way to deal with the clients exchanging needs with an amazing Managed Account Platform that enables clients to watch their accounts develop and progress by keeping an eye on it 24 hours per day.

Clients and customers can see their accounts at any point in time. On the contrary, they are not required to make any trade decisions or trade executions on their own behalf. Please log on to for any further information.

Benefits of having a Managed Account at Blue Traders

  • The trading team at blue traders have a combined trader experience of more than forty (40) years.
  • The organization have a diversified trading strategy. There are many traders with more than ten (10) trading strategies deployed simultaneously.
  • The funds are deposited to the Bank Brokerage Liquidity Provider.
  • The organization has a 100% verified trading track record. These verifications are done by CPA and 3rd party Trading verification sites.
  • The trading platform is available 24×7 on laptops, personal computers and cell phones.
  • The trading is completely managed, which means no requirement of hands on trading experience.
  • The only expense you have to make is the performance fee on Net Profits.

Referral Programs

Blue traders believe in referrals, rather than mass email marketing. Their all clients are equally important and deserve equal attention. Moreover, the person referring gets a commission on every successful referral.

They can even see complete details of their referrals on their dashboard. Be assured that this does not include any of the personal identifying information of the referral.


Blue trading has received many rewards pertaining to the trading industry. There diversified trading time has a combined total experience of more than 40 years. All this experience is channelized towards managing the accounts of clients.

The professional fee is nominal over the net profit. This is one of the safest professional trading instrument which can help you in maximizing the benefits of your investment.


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