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There’s no denying how fast-paced the stock market has become over the past years, but given the number of people that have joined trading on this platform, this was to be expected.

Earning a sufficient profit on the market today has become less about having a right hunch about how the market is going to change over the next couple of days to just being there at the right moment and cashing in on an opportunity as soon as it presents itself.

The rapidly changing nature has made it so that regular traders may never be able to survive on this platform. But maybe there’s a way around this problem.

Why Dark Pools and HFT is the way to go

Controversial though they may be, there’s no denying the effectiveness of strategies like dark pools and High-Frequency trading (HFT) when it comes to investing on the stock market.

Dark pools allow you to make large transactions on the stock market privately, since publicizing your intent for selling a large number of stock may end up adversely affecting the price of the stock you’re trying to sell. HFT trading, on the other hand, focuses on high-end computer technology and smart algorithms to make large transactions in a matter of seconds, cutting out the need for a human stockbroker.

Both these techniques are pretty powerful on their own but combined they can earn an investor an astounding amount of profit, especially if he takes advantage of latency arbitrage too.

And with our cutting-edge software solutions, this is what we at specialize in.

How we stay ahead of our competition

Staying ahead of our competition is not an easy task, especially when you consider how much of a saturated field arbitrage forex trading is and how many people are continually pitting their tech and algorithms against each other to try and come up with the best solution for earning the maximum amount of profit. However, the Westernpips Group company has always stayed one step ahead of its competition.

We understand the importance of using the best of the best in our trading practices and thus employ high-speed direct connections via ITCH, FIX, FAST, BINARY, and other protocols to generate the highly profitable algorithmic technologies in HFT trading.

We also keep developing our dark pool technology to help those looking to invest in the market, without having their profits damaged just because they’re planning to sell a large number of shares.


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