4XFX Forex And Cryptocurrency Brokerage | The Review


4XFX.com is a licensed platform for trading of cryptocurrencies that ensures speedy and smooth transactions. As well as it is known for its level of security and transparency of trading only because of the team of specialists who work vigorously to protect 4XFX from any scam. Due to the determined team at the back end of 4XFX, it has now stretched to 76 countries with the suitability of languages in each locality and approximately 46587 active traders.

Further, the Webtrader platform used by the brokers on 4XFX.com is supported by award-winning “Panda Trading” technology. Moreover, it not only provides brokers with a platform to trade but also caters with educational services to enhance the understanding of traders, so they can proficiently tackle with the working model of cryptocurrency trading. This benefits trader by providing:

  • Promotional benefits to everyday traders
  • Other related programs inconvenient times

Types of Accounts Available:

4XFX proposes three system account structure to its traders. First, an account can be operated as the standard account structure without any initial deposit fee. Second account type is referred to as premium account which requires a minimum fee (usually very affordable). Third account type requires a greater minimum initial deposit to operate as the VIP payment account.

4XFX is licensed with most of the cryptocurrencies among the list of assets traded by brokers. So, traders on this platform can transfer through any one of their payment options to operate carry out trading.

Benefits of operating an account on 4XFX:

A new trader needs to set up an account in compliance with the procedures initially. It can be performed by using 4XFX Webtrader, MT4 or Mobile App. Next is to finance the account through any of the three payment option available and you’re ready to go!

  • 4XFX is a convenient platform for traders who are usually “out of home” as this website is mobile friendly which can be used anywhere and anytime without even usage of personal computers.
  • The website is well structured that allows traders to quickly login to their accounts and to carry out trading activities.
  • Updates traders with recent cryptocurrency news to further assist in trading activities.

Conclusion|Is 4XFX safe or a scam?

One of the major fear that arises among traders is about the insecurity of such platforms due to the cases of hackers interrupting into a management system. However, 4XFX has uniquely proven itself by supporting 24/7 customers service and keeping detailed accounting records of every registered trader. Thus, 4XFX is a recommended broker, and every trader should feel safe about its investment through it.


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